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About Us

The 4H Hospital was conceptualized out of the need to create a concierge medical facility that caters to the needs of both Local, Regional and International clients who are seeking an intimate hospital setting.



The Sparman Clinic was the brainchild of Dr. Alfred Sparman, CEO & Interventional Cardiologist, who developed a niche in cardiac care and interventional cardiology. Dr. Sparman originally relocated to Barbados from the USA in 2001 and opened a clinic which focused on general cardiology. Shortly afterwards, he spearheaded the first angioplasty program in Barbados and his practice rapidly grew. This was just the beginning, for Dr. Sparman had envisioned a more expansive healthcare program that would be on par with international standards. Hence the birth of the second private hospital in Barbados, The Sparman Clinic, located in  Barbados’ medical ‘capital’, Belleville. The basis for the hospital was to holistically care for its patients via preventative care, diagnostic testing and interventional procedures. The 4H Hospital was created as the sister entity to The Sparman Clinic with its main goal to service medical tourist seeking an array of medical services on the island.


Our Goal

You are our greatest concern and therefore we aim to ensure you have a quality experience each time you visit us. We aim to manage you on an individual basis, allowing you the opportunity to interact with our doctors around the clock. Once we have fulfilled your health needs, we want you to enjoy your stay on the island where perfect getaways are always inevitable. We can plan your treatment, hotel and holiday plans all in one. Hence the concept behind the 4Hs; Heart, Hospital, Hotel and Holiday. 

We are a fully licensed hospital and we have onsite

Dasae Pharmacy

Offers both prescribed and OTC (over-the-counter drugs)


Bloodwork/ phlebotomy services are offered on site.

Inpatient Ward

A seven bed semi-private ward and three private rooms

Operating Theatre

400sq ft space outfitted with a GE Innova Cath Lab

Non-Invasive Lab

Testing such as echocardiograms, holter testing and stress testing


State of the art Cybex equipment with Personal trainers and a dietitian on site as needed


Available for airport, seaport and hotel pick ups


24hr ambulance service for emergencies, medical transport and event coverage

Client Services Coordinator

Available to handle Regional & International clients who may need assistance with their travel and accommodation arrangements

meet the perfect specialists team

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latest FAQs

Should I take my medications before the procedure?

If you normally take heart or blood pressure medicine in the morning, take them with 1 ounce of water the day of surgery. This does not include Aspirin, Plavix, or Coumadin.

Should I eat before the surgery? You should have your last meal before midnight the night before your surgery?

You should have your last meal before midnight the night before your surgery

What is the minimum time I will need to stay in Barbados?

On average we would recommend a week’s stay to ensure you can have your follow up with your consultant as well as to monitor your healing process.

What is the hospital time and recuperation time?

Your hospital and recuperation time will vary depending on your procedure; in some instances a night’s stay may be required however your consultant will determine time.

How do the consultations work?

Consultations with our US physicians can be scheduled either online or through our office. The consultations will either be done virtually or at the office depending on the physicians’ schedules.