Adult Congenital Heart Disease and the 42%

Congenital Heart Disease is a condition that  refers to a defect or an abnormality in the structure of the heart. This disease usually correlates with children due to the fact that it is something one is born with, however with today’s medical advancements surgical treatment is available and these children grow into adults with Cogenital Heart Disease (ACHD). The transition from being a child to an adult with this disease is a difficult process but with the proper support system and treatment a normal life can be attained.

Putting a Mirror on Beauty

We can look to biology for a perspective on beauty that defines itself as a trait having evolved out of necessity. The reliance on perceived physical symmetry is an immediate and innate tool used to generalize and indicate the health of one’s genes to elicit not only a desirable candidate for  reproduction, but  high survival rates in offspring as well. Though this is not the only measure of attractiveness, this stance tends to be a view ascribed to Western Society, it is one that can be scientifically proven.